Questions On A New Store Front


I have CS-cart currently running and would like to add a new storefront and keep it separate. I have many questions. I would be very grateful if someone could answer these.

  1. Does the additional storefront require a yearly update licence?
  2. Would i have to purchase a new SSL certificate?
  3. When searching on google, would the new storefront have any links to my first store?
  4. Will any links e.g. images will they reference my first store?
  5. Can I use my existing PayPal account with a different email address for payment?


When you say keep them separate, I'm assuming you mean separate domain and separate admin area with customers/orders unique to the site.[list=1]

[]Yes and a new cart license

]Depends on your environment but more than likely yes.

[]Only if you've added them in blocks or other data (or blog listings, shopping listings, etc.)

]Only if you've set them up that way



If you are not talking about completely separate site (instance of cs-cart) then the answers are close to the same but it's all going to depend on how you've configured your new storefront in relation to your existing one.[list=1]





]Yes - but if you're using the same backend (admin area) then no need to have separate payment method.


Thank you, it's really helpful. A few more questions:

  1. My product images are stored in the root of my domain e.g. that use up 3GB of my hosting. They have been imported from this URL. Does CS-cart import them into a different location?

  2. Would I be able to use the same images for my new storefront thus saving hosting space?

  3. I plan to add several languages and import the same products. These products have already been translated that will be imported from a csv. Will these use the same product image files or will cs-cart import into a different folder?

    Thanks again.

You have not clarified if you are talking about a 2nd storefront within a single cart license or whether you are talking about a completely different site (separate admin).

Have you read the knowledge base articles on creating a new storefront?

Sorry, I will be using the same admin.

Then if you go to the knowedge base related to creating a new storefront, all your questions will be answered there. You can elect to share products (and images) and/or orders/customers. It then becomes a question of setting up the different companies based on what you want to do.