Questions about some addons

Hi all
i know some addons, but i don t find it, guess search option from marketplace dont work wery well

  1. Addon to generate pdf document without use cscart server, work on local server.
  2. Loading gif when page is loading… without Pinta developer.

I know these to i see it but i don„t find it

Thanks all


An add-on implies hassle-free installation: you install it, change a few settings, and it works. Unfortunately, PDF generation wouldn’t work out of the box on quite a few servers. That’s why instead of an add-on we provide the PDF converter itself: GitHub - cscart/pdf-infrastructure: Service that converts HTML documents to PDF

I understand that this might only help those who have a developer on their payroll. Still, I’ll leave the link here for everyone’s benefit — someone might find it useful.

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I use this for printing product pages as pdf