Questions about modifying

Can I have two copies of CS-Cart on my site, one that is working and one for experimenting with modifications or allowing some else to work on mods?

How would you typically handle this? I don’t want to screw up my site.


install a development copy on your local computer with xammpp by

download here:


I and a couple other people I know prefer WAMP over XAMPP, but you can use whatever.

For Mac users, you can use MAMP : [url][/url]

A local install is a delight to behold as things whizz along but does not fully solve your problem since you are also looking for someone else to work on mods.

I would suggest that you both have a local install for the development side of things and also another one for sharing and showing to each other - assuming that you are not in the same room.

Make sure that you keep the different versions in snych.

I am sure that cs allow you to do this. Why not open a support ticket - they will want you to be doing right in this area.

I think you also need to sort something for the robots.txt so that they do not come poking around.

[quote name=‘Page’]Make sure that you keep the different versions in synch.[/quote]

I am not totally up to speed with this program, but would Microsoft Groove allow you to do this?

I’m new here, but this seems to be a great community, full of helpful people. I hope someday to be able to contribute by answering questions rather than just asking them. Thanks to all who responded.


We hope so to.

I have slowly worked my way up but still see myself as very humble.

There is always a level where some basic knowledge is still a help to the person below whereas the older boys have often moved on from answering such simple questions.

You will learn buckets from this forum so try and give a bit back when you can.