Question About Thumbnails + Product Detail Images

I have the latest version and update of cs cart installed.

I am struggling a bit with the sizing of my images.

I'm uploading my image at around 600px.

I would like for the thumbnails on the product list page to be around 150px, which I have set in admin settings, and seems fine, and then of course there's a slightly larger version displayed on the product detail page. Is it then possible to have an even larger version still as an additional image? I tried uploading a larger than 600px sized image. But when you click on the additional image, why does it show the same size image that is already on the product detail page?

How does the sizing actually work?

I hope I am making sense!

you click on the additional image to place it in the product image window, then click it again to see the full size view.

OR click the normal product detail image to make larger then scroll through them to find the image you want


Ok, I think I understand/have it sorted now.

How does one configure the image pop up viewer so it's showing the size that is pretty close to what has been uploaded? I've uploaded the original image now at 900px but the pop up version is still way smaller?

I've been searching around the forum for a solution to this and it looks like it's a problem no matter which image previewer is selected…

Ok. I have sorted it.

I had to upload my image at around 1400px for the pop up viewer to size it desirably for me. I don't know how the resizing actually works, but at least I have sorted this via trial & error.