Question about service offerings

Apparently I can’t register on the forums with my helpdesk username/password on a trial license, but for some reason this account works… though I can’t recall ever having created it… -_- Interesting…

Anyways, two questions. First of all, does CS-Cart provide a means by which to offer a service to a customer that requires that customer to fill out a form and maybe attach images? Or can the “Contact Us” form be expanded or duplicated to serve this purpose? Let’s say an appraisal service, for example, that requires the customer to provide various details of the item, an in-depth description and some pictures necessary to complete the requested service?

If not, is it possible to wrap something else in CS-Cart so that it isn’t blatantly obvious that two different pieces of software are being used? Would be better if CS-Cart could do it, because of billing and whatnot.

Secondly, I was doing some digging around on CS-Cart hosted sites. I came across several sites that have the function highlighted in the attached screenshot. Is this a core functionality of CS-Cart? I looked everywhere in the admin and have been reading through the forums for the last couple of hours, but I can’t figure out how to make it happen. I’m figuring maybe the mainpage TPL block has to be edited?

Anyways, thanks in advance.


CS does include the functionality for custom forms and that includes customer uploads and in-depth forms.

It also comes with the features you highlighted in your image. You can set up options for products and then input them. like ISBN, Brand, etc, etc

Well, creating options or global options gives customers a place to input information, but it doesn’t allow me to put static information (such as ISBN, author, et cetera) into that area. Still haven’t figured that much of it out.

Create the features (ISBN, author, etc) in Catalog->Product features. Then specify the value at the Features link in Catalog->Products.


Right, I got that. The question is how do I make those features appear next to the image instead of in a tab below.

That would create features in the features tab at the bottom. I need the stuff to show up beside the image, like in the screenshot.

Also, the form thing is great, but I can’t bill for it. Trying to get the configurator to do it, but it isn’t wanting to cooperate. Configuration tab doesn’t show up at all. Still working on it, though.