Question about left sided dynamic menu in v3

Hi! We are preparing to upgrade to CS-Cart version 3.x but can’t get the dynamic menu to work as it did in 2.x :(

Today in our live store with 2.2.5 it looks like this: [url=“”][/url]

A simple menu to the left which are expanded with root category name still on top and sub-catergory pictures in main block. (this was set in menu - block content: categories, filling: dynamic, group: left column, appearance type: dynamic.

Is this not possible in version 3? I have tried (i think) every possible combination in block management but when i use filling: ‘dynamic’ with template: ‘text links’ the parent category disappears from the menu when i press a sub-category.

Is it possible to use same dynamic template as in 2.x?

I hope you understand my problem, help is much appreciated, thanks!