Question About Cs-Cart Ultimate Edition

Hello, I have a question regarding the ultimate edition of cs-cart.

With the ultimate license, would I be able to open several stores all in different domains and selling totally different products? Example: On shop #1 I sell oranges using as the domain and on shop #2 I will sell pears using as the domain. Is that possible using the same ultimate license code?

If so, what if I have 10 different shops? Could I keep on adding more shops on different domains if I needed to do so?

Also, it says that you can manage all shops using one admin background, but do I "have to" use a main admin background to manage all shops? Can I just use the admin panel from each domain to manage the stores? (example:, Treat them kinda like they were all standalone sites, which they will be.

Any help with this matter is very greatly appreciated.

Yes, you can use unlimited amount of websites with Ultimate license. They can have different domain and different catalog. But the address of the admin panel will be the same for all websites ( in your case. Also you can have separate domain for the admin panel.

E.g. - admin panel for all store-fronts - store-front 1 - store-front 2 - store-front 3


I have tried to ask CS-cart support about the question below and they couldnt answer me.

How do server setup that can optimize multiple location since CS-cart MVE ultimate can run multiple stores in many countries?

Im sure it ll be hard to handle many transaction or you will need to pay few thousands dollar every month for cluster server maybe (including server administration technician cost)

Thank you