Quantity or "in stock" for different sizes

I think of buying extra license for apparel store but I don’t see one of the main features for clothing store.

Lets say I’m selling t-shirts. I have none in size S, 5 in size M and 10 in size XL

How do I show to the client that size S is out of stock, and other sizes are in stock?

I found similar posts about the same issue but I don’t see any answers.

the best and cleanest way would be to set sizes as a dropdown and when size which is not available is selected, the message will show OUT OF STOCK.

can anyone confirm if this feature is available or is coming in v 2.0 ?

nevermind …

I see that option in v2.0

the only missing part would be backorder then

if item is out of stock , it woud be nice to have option to show

size XL - backordered (ships in 5~7 days)