Quantity in Fractions

I’m looking for a cart to use for a fabric store. I will be offering fabric by the yard and would like to provide the option of ordering less then a yard, i.e., 1/4 (.25), 1/2 (.5), 3/4 (.75), 1 1/4 (1.25), etc. Is that something that would be doable in CS-Cart?

I love the demo and feel it’s the best program I’ve seen since searching for a software program. If it’s not possible to use a fraction in the quantity, then could a drop down be used to allow the customer to select the amount? It would not be my preferred way since I’d have to have a lot of choices that way. Also, what’s the limit on the number of items, i.e., 1,000, 5,000 or?

Thank you


Come on man… You just use 0.25 as 1 unit. So, you are selling in units, not 0.25, do you get me?

there is another customer that requested this functionality, I’ll see if I can track her down, this would be a custom solution, but if you split the cost it would be alot cheaper ect…

[quote name=‘joe’]Come on man… You just use 0.25 as 1 unit. So, you are selling in units, not 0.25, do you get me?[/QUOTE]

I think my solution is the best…Just mention that 1 unit=0.25, that’s it…Clear and reasonable.


I’m trying to eliminate confusion on the part of my customers. I’ve been on some fabric sites that do as you suggest, but I’m sure there will always be some that MISS that conversion and order too little and then get upset after the shipment arrives. I want the shopping to be as stress free as possible without having to think too hard. I know there are webstores with carts out there that allow you to use fractions. I don’t know what software is being used, but I’ve been on a few sites that accept fractions and I just wondered if this was doable in CS-Cart, if I was missing something in the demo, if their was a mod, etc. Thanks for your input.


Hi KewlKat, Yes this is doable, you’ll need to contact CS-Cart custom development services to quote you for the modification I would offer to do the customization for you but we are already overwhelmed developing addons - Sno

@snorocket and @KewlKat - has anyone asked for this to be custom devleloped yet? Is it too late to jump on board to split the cost of modifying the cart to allow fractions of a product ot be purchased?

I would also need the cart to track inventory of products that can be sold in fractions to keep track of the yards still available…

I welecome any thoughts, ideas, and collaborations.


Had anyone else approached fractional quantities with Cs-cart? Thinking in terms of 1/4 = to a unit may present a set of usability issues that may reduce sales. The fully capable cs-cart dev team can make the modifications needed, but it is slightly cost prohibitive.

I wonder if changing DB table that store inventory and product quantities to a ‘Float’ type so they can accept a decimal is a start in the right direction?

Fractional number of very useful feature. This may be a proposal for the further development of the script. Notional value for the customer is very inconvenient.

It would also be good to have an opportunity for each product to indicate its value: the number, meters, liters, kilograms … Now might be that one. Thank you.

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