Quantity discounts are fine in admin, don't display in front-end

Well I guess I should have left well enough alone!

We re-migrated my product data because the first time, the quantity discounts were not carried over. Now they have carried over and are correct, but are not visible in the front-end of the store.

When adding a new product and giving it a quantity discount, the discount does not show up either. it worked fine before.

Even worse, the field to enter “QTY” by the ADD TO CART button is gone.

[edited! When I switched skins, the discount and qty box showed back up. Whew. However, I wish I knew what happened because I spent hours and hours customizing the skin. I am not sure where it broke. UGH!!! Just as well because I think the theme slowed it down.

Thanks in advance!

ok that’s mean the file or code was missing inside the products.tpl file, i am not sure exactly the file name, but may be you can try different skin and use the customization mode from admin and check that quanity file name.

Yeah, I tried something like that but you know, it worked out for the best. I think this template is faster and it required fewer modifications. I made a mess of the other one. Live and learn. Thanks though!