Quantity Discount on Multiples

How would you give a quantity discount on multiples of a certain number?

ie. product A sells individually, or in cases of 12. If bought by the case, there is a 2% discount. So multiples of 12 receive a discount.

The quantity discount doesn’t work for this because 12 or more will receive a discount, but we want only multiples of 12 to receive the discount.

We want customers to be able to order in units, or multiples of 12. I would rather not duplicate each product (as a unit / case). But perhaps there is no other way…

Is there a way to modify the quantity discounts to do this?

Any ideas?

Create a new product and call it a 12pack.

[quote name=‘hyteckit’]Create a new product and call it a 12pack.[/QUOTE]

Yes, but that’s what I was referring to… not wanting to duplicate each product as a case or 12 pack, as this will really clutter up the categories.

But thanks for the reply!

This is for a wholesale site…

I think I have settled on creating a product option “unit” with variants “each” and “case of 12”. Then I’ll make sure the “case” modifier plus the base price totals the discounted price for a case. So this way they will essentially be ordering by units or cases.

I only wish I could get the discount tag to show up with the discount they are getting when the “case” option is selected. But that would take far more coding than I am willing to do right now.

I would also like a way to show the suggested retail price and the margin they are getting (along side the price).

Anyone interested in doing an addon that would incorporate all of this?