Quantity change to Select???

Hi guys

do you have any idea how can I change the textfield quatity to select list

insteadt of putting how many quantity to BUY i want it to chage into select


Dear Cached,

On the editing product page, open the General tab, go to Pricing/inventory section, in the “Quantity step” field put “1”. Save the changes, check your product page in the Customer’s area. By default there will appear a list from 1 to 10.

If you need to set another quantity, insert the needed value in the next field “List quantity count” (it is below “Quantity step” field).

Hope, it’ll help.

Regards, Alt-team.


I will check this

thank you so much.

Thanks for the reply

it is possible to add that in products Configurator?

and if i click 2 products, it automatically add to the cart

see my website, theres a select option the left of radio button. hope you can help me in this situation


Thanks alt, more blessing to you


Dear Cached,

Unfortunately, there’s no such feature by default in CS-Cart.

The modification is needed here.

Regards, Alt-team.

thanks for the reply

what about the old one, the text field???

how can i add that in configurator?