Qty discounts (quantity discounts) on products with options

CS Cart 2.0.14

How do I configure or modify the Qty discounts feature to allow discounts of products with Options?

We sell bike frames and I would like to be able to offer quantity discount if a customer buys two or more bike frames in any size.

Right now the quantity discount is only applied if the customer buys two or more frames of the same size.

For example, this is the current logic:

Frame L x 2

Two frames total = discount

Frame L x 1

Frame M x 1

Two frames total = no discount

In short, I would like the quantity discount to be applied on a quantity of the “master product” regardless of which Options/variants are purchased.

For example, this is what I want:

Frame L x 1

Frame M x 1

Two frames total = discount

Is this possible and how do I do it?


You’d have to get cscart to create a mod for you. I have something similar that cscart did for me (for around $100). Also, there is an addon that I haven’t tried yet called buy together. Have you tried that yet?

Thanks for that idea Moka.

I can indeed make the “Buy Together” work to satisfy our needs at the moment.

The basic need is to work around CS Cart’s shipping calculation limitations. In our specific case two frames fit inside the same box so I would like to extend the courtesy of combined shipping savings, but there is no direct way to do it so I have to resort to workarounds.

Combined shipping in general would be a great feature to have since in online business, shipping costs are a part of the total product cost, thus having a way to logically minimise the shipping cost for the customer is absolutely necessary.

…let’s see how that ranks in the feature request and add some points :slight_smile:


I am facing the similar issue. Please let me know your “workaround” Thanks

I’d like to hear more about the workaround also.

I had a quote form a member for this name “Artful dodger” $40 or $50 I think

as here [url]http://www.kiwiglam.com/color-craze-nail-polish.htm[/url]

but I havent got round to do it yes


has anyone found a solution to this? i still cant believe that the quantity discount does not apply to the master product… it makes it a pretty useless feature! but i would really like a solution if anyone has one??

I had to pay CS-Cart for a custom add-on that makes this work.

I got a custom addon done. Works great.

IS the addon available for you to use on multiple sites or stuck to just 1 site.


here is a solution that may meet your needs: Addon: Discount Plans - Third-Party Add-ons - CS-Cart Community Forums