Qty Discount on all products

In v3

I want to apply a qty discount to all my products. In the Admin Area is there an easy way to copy an existing qty discount to all the products at once.

I thought of using a Promotion, but it doesn't show the customer that a promotion exists on the product page. This is no good. I prefer to us a promotion since I can easily turn it on or off, but can the promotion be shown on the product page?

It can be done via .csv.

Set one up export it, change it for whatever products then bring it back in.



You might consider: http://www.ez-ms.com/discount-plans.html

You'd simply assign all products to a single discount plan.

Is this compatible with 3.01 Ultimate?

No, sorry. Not been ported yet.

I'm porting addons based n demand. So far, this is the first request for this on 3.0.

Given that I don't have Ultimate installed on a test site and setting it up for anything useful would be hours of work, I don't expect to port my addons to Ultimate. But they should all work within the individual stores just fine once they are ported from 2.X to 3.X.