Qty discount addition problem

Hi All

If I have a qty discount set for 10 or more items and I add 5 yellow to the cart and 6 blue to the cart, the discount isnt applied. The discount is only applied, if I add total 11 Blue or 11 Yellow to the cart.

CAn anyone point me in the right direction so when the total added together is over the qty disc amount it applies the discount



I am having the same issue. I want it where if a customer wants 6 of the Mexico flag and 6 of the USA flag, for it to calculate the price for 12 flags altogether.

Hopefully someone has this answer!!!


Cs cart does not do this. You will have to get them to modify your code or use the buy together addon.

Try search member artful dodger and pm him,

he tells me he can do this, also add this to feature requests.


This is an interesting issue. Doesn’t it seem obvious to have a promotion based on X number of total items in the cart?

I have a mod for promotions, although I’m not sure it is what you’re looking for. It works by allowing you to specify how many items from each category you need to purchase to get the promotion; I can back-port it if it would work.

Yes I have your mod for this also, not installed it yet but am trying this week.

It doesnt make much sense to me though that the cart doesnt give option for discount for someone buying, 5 yellow and 5 red, they have to buy 10 red??(if your qty discount is set to 10 of course)