Q&A Tab Feature

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[QUOTE][…] a Q&A feature that let visitors post product questions on the site, and then sent notification emails when other customers had provided answers. The notification emails were strong performers, delivering a conversion rate 114% higher than their email newsletters.[/QUOTE]

Source: [url]Product Q&A Emails Get 7.5% Conversion Rate: 5 Steps to Turn Visitors into Buyers | MarketingSherpa

Direct link to a product page with this Q&A tab feature:


Q&A tab is the last right tab.

Lee Li Pop

You can technically do this with the html blocks that are built into 2.0.10 and higher. It would be kind of a pain to be specific for each product, but you could do one block and then assign it to all the products you want.

The html blocks aren’t very friendly, but at least it would get the job done.


Ok Brandon,

but how can User ask a question and get notification with cs-cart default?

You can vote for this in the Ideas forum: