Putting up a new shop

Hi all

Payment gateway

I`m working on a new shop with the latest cs-cart.

However now i wonder, this client have “Teller/BBS/PBS” new www.nets.eu payment in store today.

Is this somthing that will come or do i have to make a request to have it made so i can use “teller” payments


Jon Vatn

By my experience, a new payment gateway from CS is roughly 380$ +.

Wow thats expensive.

Espesialy when they have a manual on How to on their tech pages.

Just me scared trying.

And just found out that teller support DIBS so then i`m saved.

Check this tread out as it might help you find cheaper alternatives for your project.



Hmm wonder why its so expensive.

We havent bougth the lisense yet but it
s less expensive changing payment gateway.

We have Auriga payment today, but DIBS take just over 300$ for a new account.