Putting modules on external pages - Anybody interested ?

Im looking at making “standalone” includes for some of the modules in CS-Cart

Anybody already done this or fancy a project :wink: to co-op on ?

Basically, my shop is bolted onto my existing site, which consists of my own php database driven site, however I would like to add things like the discussions or bestsellers as a dynamic sidebox.

For instance…

I have a ford radio code page, to keep consistancy I would like to be able to manually add the discussions mod directly to this page. Bearing in mind my page is not linked atall with CS-Cart

I cant see it being hugely complicated and could open doors for a lot of integration techniques…

On that note, please post if your interested in either helping develop this, or would be interested in using it in one form or another

Like you, my store is just a small portion of a large site. I’d be very interested in what you’re discussing here. I’d love to be able to pull reviews (discussions) out and post them on other pages, or post bestsellers on my homepage (which is not store-related). I wish I could help with this, but I’m just getting my hands dirty with CS-Cart and Smarty, so I doubt I could offer much assistance.

With a feed manager you can export anything from the database into a RSS feed, or XML file, or textfile on an automated basis. Much like blog RSS.

Where you can have a script on a non cs-cart site parse through the exported file (discussions, product feeds, category feeds, shopping comparison engine feeds, bestsellers etc.) and display them on the site.

So basicly what we need is a proper export module that can create feeds out of templates for any type of files AUTOMATICLY on set time intervals using cronjobs or similiar.

Would that work for you?

I know this “data manager” has been asked for a long time, but there are many areas a module like this can be used.