Purpose of Groups within Promotions?

I’m having a hard time understanding how the “group” feature is supposed to work in Promotions. I try putting in multiple conditions in a group with conditions outside the group and nothing seems to work the way I expect. Can anyone explain or provide an example of how a group should work?


The groups should allow you to create alternative conditions for your promotion. For instance, say you want to give a 10% discount to anyone who buys $500 but will also give the discount to ‘club’ members who purchase $400. You can do this by setting up a promo with the following conditions:

Group: Any

Group: All

Order total equal or greater ‘500’

Group: All

User membership: equal ‘club’

Order total equal or greater ‘400’


Thank you again for your help, Bob! This helps me understand when I might use Groups within a Promotion. For some reason, I just wasn’t understanding how they could be used but your explanation helps out a lot.


I already ‘complained’ to the developers about a lack of documentation regarding just this thing. The response was something like, “Yes we need to work on the manual.” Not sure why any product is released without a comprehensive guide.

Why implement the functionality and have the customer (us) limp along hoping to figure it out?