Purging Unwanted Quantity Discounts Via Upload

I recently uploaded a number of products with 3 different tiers for quantity discounts. I decided to eliminate the upper tier and changed the excel sheet to suit. Unfortunately, this has no effect.

I also tried re uploading the products themselves first, this time with the "Delete all existing product files before import" check box checked. Still no effect.

I'd hate to have to go in and manually edit all these products. Any ideas?

Do delete all qty discount you can run the following queries in the database

DELETE FROM ?:product_prices WHERE lower_limit > 1;
DELETE FROM ?:ult_product_prices WHERE lower_limit > 1;

I appreciate the answer, but I guess I'll have to do it manually. While I'm pretty good with Excel, whenever hieroglyphics start getting tossed around I get nervous. Probably wind up screwing up the store irreparably. :-(. Besides, it looks like your fix would affect all the products in the store. I just want to edit about 50 products or so in a particular category.

If there's a mod reading this, why can't this be built into the store (since it's obviously a very easy fix)? You are doing that currently with images via upload, where the default setting is to add the additional photos to the product's existing photos, but one can easily delete the existing photos before upload, to avoid having a bunch of duplicates when a mass upload is performed.

When a user is upgrading their quantity discounts, obviously they will want to delete what's there before implementing the changes.

What a shame, that so many users have to deal with such a hassle, when 2 minutes of coding could solve the problem in one fell swoop :-(. Or am I missing something?

Ive run the query a few times, just back up first and also keep the export from csv so you can always bring back in.