Pulling in data to product details tab

I’ve been looking at my product page while testing (latest version).

A lot of my products will be based around an event and each event would have different types of products. For example a magazine, a ticket, other memorabilia such as that.

So I want to show further details of the event on these product pages in an extra tab. Elsewhere I’ve found the way how to add a tab that will include html and images. But I want to go further then that because I don’t want to replicate data for each item from an event. for example if an event in 1968 has ten items I don’t want to manually add that event to each item.

What I would like to do is add all the events to the database and then when adding a product if that product is from an event I select that even from a drop-down list. The event details are then added to the tab in the products details.

This would save me a great deal of time as my products go back 150 years and each year might have more then ten events. It’s something I’ve always wanted to have available for my customers but never had the time to implement it.

This would also give me the option to explore other sorting features like sort on an event which would bring up details of all items form that event. Bit like manufactures I suppose.

Any advice ?