Published Roadmap

CS has released a public roadmap.





[QUOTE]Order placement improvement (the ability not to create an order if a real-time payment has failed)[/QUOTE]

Only planned :frowning:

This is awesome. I applaud CS-Cart for being upfront. This is great news!

I look forward to seeing that page evolve and change.


Strange! Product bundle is not in the roadmap list?

[quote name=‘Darius’]Only planned :([/QUOTE]

I think this should be a priority

Does any one know what this functionality does?

“Product options improvement: consequential exceptions”

This looks like a planned improvement.



[quote name=‘dustundag’]Strange! Product bundle is not in the roadmap list?[/QUOTE]

[+] The Buy together addon is already added in 2.011

the list looks a little short to me, so why does it take so long to provide new versions and new functionality with such little being added? also their are major usability issues that need to be addressed…

It doesn’t quite compare with this roadmap :cry:


which is what I pushed for.

I think it is better than nothing and it is focused on features not necessarily bug fixes. If they added that it might be as long as magneto’s.

I hope that they take this seriously and continue to add and build to it. I suggested a long time ago to open a site like this: to get customer feedback and opinions.

That just means Magento had 800+ problems with it to begin with :slight_smile: