Psd2: Sca (Strong Customer Authentication)

Hello everyone,

The requirement of PSD2 SCA is to ensure the security of internet payment in European Economic Areas. Nowadays, the payment gateway providers are drastically updating their APIs so as to make the APIs compatible with the SCA compliances. The SCA is introduced to reduce the fraud by adding another security level to the checkout flow. Though this change will add another step in the checkout process, however, so far so the security on online payment is concerned, I believe this is a good move.

In the coming days, other economics may also adopt PSD2 SCA compliances in order to reduce the fraud. By keeping in view the European customer’s need, we at Webkul, have updated our payment gateway add-ons to benefit our customers in European countries.

We would like to seek the opinion of all the members out there regarding the new SCA rules and its consequences in the market from all prospective. Let us spread the knowledge base to the people in need.


Webkul Team