PS3 Break, revolutionary, the inventory are being sold worldwide now! It is powerful to break through all PS3 barriers, perfectly supports

PS3 Break’s powerful R&D team will provide users with excellent services for software upgrading and technical support.

1、Upgradeable hardware firmware thoroughly!

2、The key “Upgrade” for software upgrading and avoids to be blocked by SONY. Users can also upgrade the updated software through computer.

3、Reading speed will be 2 times faster and it makes users to play more smoothly.

4、Games can be copied and saved to internal or external hard disk, in this way, the expensive blue-ray driver and disc can be abandoned.

5、Plug & play USB port, the installation will be finished in a few seconds.

6、Homebrew software is supported.

7、Simple and clear illustrations will guide you to install step by step.

8、PS3 Break is compatible with all fat and slim model.


You did not change even logo :slight_smile:

WOW thats a really amazing site you got there. :rolleyes:

Very Creative, I must get in touch with your designer (but then again I am certain that he is overloaded with work at this time)! :eek:

But then again, sometimes you have to follow the advice of “Larry the Cableguy” & just “Gitter Done” !

There are easier ways to get “links in”… But I guess if this is where you think your product is best marketed…

You know the PS3 was released in 2006 in Japan and NA and 2007 in the UK, right? I only mention it because your copyright says 2004-2010.

[quote name=‘ps3break’]

PS3 Break’s powerful R&D team …[/QUOTE]

Are these the same people who did the website…?


you dont appear to be listed as a distributor for ps3break dongles and thier mark up would not allow you to discount by 38 points else ud be losing money on every one sold…