Prove that CS-Cart is better than X-Cart

[quote name=‘snorocket’]your correct, however part of the agreement is not to discuss anything in detail, I’d like to stay on board so I don’t need to be compromising anything, hang tight though, turkey day will be here before you know it…[/quote]

Effectively it just means that “CS-Cart rocks” which doesn’t differ too much from what Sno would normally state. As far as I’m concerned I’ll just keep upgrading since it’s required :slight_smile:


The editing of links/menus, from top and side boxes is done through editing the .TPL files. Basically HTML files that you have to customize and then FTP back to your server.

There is a bit of a learning curve to understand the file structure but once you get it, its just basic HTML.

And as always, MAKE A BACKUP copy of any file you are going to edit before you save the changes :smiley:

Good Luck.

Aren’t the CSCart developers all prior xcart developers?

[quote name=‘snorocket’]magento and the rest of the wannabe carts won’t even be able to come close to matching the functionality in the next release of CS…[/QUOTE]

Sno , you seem to know much about whats coming in 1.3.6. can you give us a hint or two.:stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I could but if I did then I’d have to go find another cart to use, and well, you the the story, all the other carts suck…

PS - CS-Cart is better because we have lots of FREE professionally coded Addons/Mods that the competition either doesn’t have or makes you pay for, check out the latest FREE Addon from [thread=9171]XML Sitemap 1.0[/thread]

Nice job keeping the excitement going on the new release sno.

no problem, the excitement is about to explode real soon…

[quote name=‘snorocket’]no problem, [COLOR=Red]the excitement is about to explode real soon…[/COLOR].[/quote]

Next release will be Snorocket XXX - Available now from your nearest DVD retailer

the competition might as well start digging their graves because it’s here…


2.0 beta available NOW!

[QUOTE]2.0 beta available NOW![/QUOTE]

I have just downloaded it and am going to test it out over the next few days. I must say I’m loving it already!

The admin area is a fantastic improvement.

Well done the CS-Cart team.