Prouduct global options truncated

I contacted the helpdesk because my global product option box is truncated ( I don’t see the pull down arrow and the option choices are not on the same line as the option discription) on ie8 using my 18" monitor at 1024x768, cs-cart version 2.0.13. They say they can’t reproduce it. For that matter, I also have the bottom scroll bar appearing on my screen, but cs-cart can’t reproduce that either.[url][/url]

attached is what I see (let me know if yo can’t find the attachement)

additionally firefox looks correct.

Can someone shed some light on this for me?

Works in Chrome / Safari / Firefox / IE8

Not sure what the issue is, but I might suggest you add the attachment :wink:


cs-cart verified it can be reproduced on ie7. i was running ie8 in compatibility mode.

yes i need to figure out how to post the attachment, i uploaded it, but i guess there is another step