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Hope someone can assistance or give me some suggestion.

Some of my items will have 1 set price on each product page. I will need to create other product pages with option selected (size, color, etc) with different pricing for each item on the product, which i know how to do in options. What I want to accomplish is changing the word “Price: $0.00” to “Prices Start At: $0.00”. When an item is click the options will handle the price change. But the word “Price” I know I can change this in languages, but if I change to “Prices Start At” it will affect the whole cart. Is there away for me do this for each product I will need this statement to say. I'm not good in programming and maybe have some help in adding like a drop down list or a text box area in the admin section so I can added if needed.

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You can change the translation of 'price' in Administration/Languages. However, since this is used in so many places, you might want to create a new language variable named 'priced_from' and then use as {$lang.price_from} in place of {$lang.price} in skins//customer/common_templates/product_data.tpl

I needed to change price to something else myself, and tried messing with adding language variabels and such but eventually gave up and requested help that from the official support team.

And I guess it was not easy, because on the first try they resolved that but broke something else, on the second they fixed both issues but created another, and finally the third was the charm. And these are the engineers that work on the cart daily.

Those are the helpdesk people who may or may not have engineering backgrounds but they are not “developers”.

I think with the two changes I suggested (adding new var and editing the product_data.tpl template) that you will get the results you want on your product pages without affecting things like invoices and column names in the admin interface.

Thanks for the clarification. Very elucidating.

Hello tbirnseth,

Thank you for reply. But if I add {$lang.price_from} in skins//customer/common_templates/product_data.tpl then all the products would have “Price From”. I'm trying to have some items showing “Prices”, but have other products would have “Prices From”. Depending on the item I could change the option. Isn't there away to add this on the admin side on adding a product page within the form, like a switch to choose “Prices” or “Prices From”? Hope you can help.

Thank you again.

You would have to do a few small customizations to get the results you want.

  1. You'd have to change the products controller to recognize whether there are other prices available and set a template variable.
  2. You would then make the change in product_data.tpl to be conditional upon the value of the template variable.

    This assumes that you have your product 'prices' set properly for bulk discounts.

    Probably an hour for someone who knows what they're doing and a few to several hours for someone who'd learning their way around.

Thank you again for reply. Well this is out of my scope in programming. Can you suggest someone or a company that may assist me on this modification?

tks again

Uh, that's what I do. Specify your request at: Get a quote