prostores cart speed

One customer showed me their store hosted on (ebay owned) and I'm impressed how fast loads.For $40 they have all the speed of a dedicate server +ebay integration.

They ask me if I could help with design and I read the tutorials. I declined for now, but surely I'll dedicate time to learn.

I never wanted to get into this hosted cart solutions, but I have to look into twice. For some customers could be a good solution. Sure nothing compares to have you store in a private dedicate server, but for some customers this are out of reach ($150+/month). they need integration with other outlets and they can't deal with upgrades, third part addons, etc.

Will not surprise me if in the near future, cs-cart launch their hosted solution. If they back it up with a power server it could be a win. There is a significant market for it. Not all store owners are willing to learn apache, css, smarty or php, but they are willing to pay good for skins.

They could have a flexible license program. You want the store in your host? no problem, pay the regular license. You want to move your private store to our fast servers? no problem, pay the monthly fee. You want to move back to your own server? sure why not, follow the instructions and move out your data.