Proper Procedure When Product Is Returned Due To Invalid Address

Hi guys. I have a quick question, just out of curiosity though, as this is not a common occurrence.

A while ago I had an order that I shipped and added the tracking code to the Shipments section of the order. That order returned because the customer didn't fill in his address correctly, so i contacted him and sent it again with a new tracking code.

Is it possible to record both occurrences? I mean, I can add only one shipment (since it is only one product). I can edit this one and change to the new tracking code via PHPMYADMIN, or I can delete the shipment and create another one with the new tracking code, but would it be possible to have both?

Given the frequency, I'd just make a “staff notes” entry with the original carrier/tracking info, date, comments, etc. No need to automate an infrequent occurrence.

Good idea. I was wondering, though, how CS-Cart would handle that without having to resort to the RMA addon.