A customer emailed me a link to day to the list of promotions I have set.

the url is /promotions

and the link he googled was index.php?dispatch=promotions.list&currency=USD

not a security issue as they are only titles and do not llink, how do i disable /promotions

page on my site, i cant see it

Not sure exactly what you're asking...hiding the page from google, removing the page or hiding the promotions themselves?

Im looking to remove the page completely.

I have them no crawl in google parameters which seems to work for most all except this popped up today.

Im not even sure why it is there Tool ?, it has taken the details from here admin/ dispatch=promotions.manage

why do we need to show our promotion names in the front end ? and how do we manage the page they dont link to anything, must be useful for some I suppose butho w if they don't show the details or link to anything ?

Ive marked them as hidden so they don't show in the front but am wondering how the page is generated, what does it do ? its of no use to me

Typical CSC logic I suppose. I would probably rename or remove the template folder to remove it.