Suppose while setting promotions like when buying a product, we give a bonus of another Free Product (different product from the first one) which has certain variations.

So the problem is system randomly selects the variation of a product like a random size.

So how we can precisely manage that the buyer would have the option to select the size of the variation of free product.


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What do you mean by "system randomly selects the variation of a product like a random size"? I checked, and if you have a product with variations, you're able to select which one is given for free while setting bonus "Free products".

Also, which version of CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor are you using?

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Yes we know that we can select a particular variation of free product at bonus level.

But suppose it condition level we set racing suit (all variations), at bonus level we set a boot sized M.

Now suppose buyer purchase a suit with the size L, he would definitely look for a boot sized L not sized M which we have set.

No problem is that if we select all variations of booth at bonus level, at cart level it adds all the variations into cart, rather a single boot Variation matched with suit he purchased.

It’s Multi-Vendor 4.11.2

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I am afraid, this is not possible out of the box. Additional custom development work is required to link variations of different items