Promotions: "stop Following Rules" Vs "stop Other Rules"


when creating Promotions,

what is the difference of

"Stop following rules"


"Stop other rules"?

It is not explained here:

In previous versions "Stop other rules" was used to force just a single promotion per cart.


actually there is still no information about the two fields in the documentation. In older versions of cs-cart there was only the ‘stop’ option in the cscart_promotions table in the database (now there is ‘stop’ and ‘stop_other_rules’).
Sometimes only one of these fields appears in the promotion definition, sometimes both.

Looks like the “Stop following rules” option is added by 3rd party addon since I do not see such option on a clean installation

I considered AB add-ons (UniTheme2), but could not find code in the php files to add the ‘stop_other_rules’ column to the cscart_promotions table.

The mentioned column is default one


in the fn_promotion_apply() function, there is a condition in the foreach loop:

// Stop processing further rules, if needed
if (YesNo::toBool($promotion['stop']) || YesNo::toBool($promotion['stop_other_rules'])) {

it looks like ‘stop’ and ‘stop_other_rules’ work identically. Just why are there separate fields in promotions/update.tpl:

You are right, I found this column in the 4.16.2 distributive. But we failed to find how this field is processed.