Promotions Problems

Hello all

I am currently running a promotion and do not want to display the promotion description in the cart as it is putting customers off, so I have unchecked this box in addons.

The problem I’ve got is that even with this unchecked, the cart still shows a ‘Payment options’ drop down box… but with nothing in it.

I don’t know why this is classed as Payment options when it is a promotion anyway, but I’d rather the drop down box wasn’t there at all.

Does anyone know how I can sort this problem out correctly? :confused:

I think I understand what you want - try this:

In /skin/customer/views/checkout/components/applied_promotions.tpl

Find and comment-out/delete:

{include file="buttons/button.tpl" but_role="text" but_text=$lang.active_promotions but_id="sw_applied_promotions"

You can also try commenting-out the “sw_promo_description” stuff about six lines down.

DISCLAIMER: I am a total code rookie so do not test any of my suggestions on a live site!

Thanks Dave the Slave, but I think the file you’ve pointed out must be in the newest version of CS Cart and I’m using 1.3.5 sp4.

You don’t happen to know where the equivalent coding for my version would be do you?

Nope don’t have access to the older version.

I’m going for an upgrade to v2 anyway now, so hopefully the problem will be solved.

Thanks anyway :smiley: