Promotions + Options = Bug?

Can anyone else replicate this?

  1. Create a product with several options (price - absolute).
  2. Create a catalog promotion (product-discount - by the percentage of the original price).
  3. Make sure “Display Modifiers for Product Options” is selected in the general settings.


  4. The store does not display the discounted option prices on the front end, but it does calculate and display the correct discounted product price when an option is selected (this calculation appears to be done with javascript).

  5. Once the product is added to the cart, the cart does not display the correct discounted price. It displays ((base_price * discount_percentage) + option_price). It should display ((base_price + option_price) * discount_percentage).


    I can easily edit the templates to display the correct numbers with the smarty math function, but that will not fix the root problem. When users checkout they will still be charged the incorrect amount.

    Has anyone else run into this problem and if so, have any advice on how to fix it now? I am really being pushed to launch this site ASAP (with or without a final CSCart v2 release). Saying no to my bosses with our current economy and job market isn’t really an option right now. :frowning:

    You help is much appreciated.


So, no one’s replying to my post

I have a follow up that will hopefully stir some interest.

Here are a few screen shots that explain things a bit better:

The base price of this product is $862.60.

I have a “25% off” catalog promotion on this product.

I have one option selected that adds $438.00.

Subtotal is $1,300.60.

Total Discount is $325.15

Product Total is $975.45

So far so good … I add this product to the cart … uh oh

The displayed price is $1,084.95.

This calculation is not including the 25% off of the $438 option ($109.50).

$975.15 + $109.50 = $1,084.95.

This error is even more obvious on the checkout page.

and is not corrected before the user finalizes the purchase.

From what I can tell, the promotion bonus is only applied to the product options via javascript and is never calculated and applied to the cart with php.

Any help in coming up with a solution for this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



Thank you for contacting us and for posting a bug report.

Yes, the described behavior is a bug in beta version of CS-Cart 2.0. Our engineers will investigate this. The bug should be fixed in the next release of version 2.0

Thank you.


Guess I have to wait for the next release :frowning: