Promotions Notification

We just had an issue where a promotion was created and hidden (as most of ours are), but notifications were sent to customers about the new code. I have not seen this behavior before, so I don’t know what was done to cause this. Any ideas?

v 2.0.12

I don’t see what could have caused this! We just set up another, and the same thing happened. People are using the code even though it’s hidden!

Anyone think this could be a cache issue? Could a full cache cause coupon codes to be applied/sent to customers?

We’re also having issues with customers ordering items that have never been in stock.

It could be unrelated, but I can’t see why promo codes would automatically be sent to customers.

Look at it this way:

Anytime you have made any significant changes to your site, then get in the habit (like now) of clearing BOTH the compiled & cache folders of your site. This will save you alot of confusion & grief!

No need to sit around & contemplate whether or not this “might” be causing you problems, If there is ever a doubt, clear it out! :smiley:

FTP into your site & delete everything within your public_html/var/cache folder as well as your public_html/var/compiled folder

It sounds as if this very well may help with at least some of the issues you are mentioning.

Thanks, Struck. I do ?cc cache clearing every time I mod anything, and had done so just prior to creating a promo code.

As far as I know, ?cc does the same as manually emptying the directories, correct?

It seems that this needs to be done daily, if not more frequently?

It looks like the code will send a promotion if one of the bonuses is ‘give user group’ or ‘give coupon’. I do not know where the “Notify customer” checkbox is in those cases. Hope this helps.

[QUOTE]As far as I know, ?cc does the same as manually emptying the directories, correct?[/QUOTE]

There has been a fair amount of confusion using the “&cc” method.

The way I mentioned above is failsafe, and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the files have been cleared because you can hit the refresh button in your ftp program & see exactly what you have cleared, & then see it rebuild as your site pages are being visited, just a much more reliable way IMO that just plain always works.

Should you be clearing the cache daily? To me that is absolutely “Whacky” for anyone to have to be doing that!

There have been several lengthy discussions related to caching in CS-Cart, and in a nutshell, the best way to solve this issue (if you believe you have one) is to upgrade to 2.1.1 The improvements they have made to the cache system is greatly improved. I prefer the sqlite method built in as an option in 2.1.1 and have not experienced any problems at all.


I prefer the sqlite method built in as an option in 2.1.1 and have not experienced any problems at all.


What version of PHP are you running?

I’m on PHP 5.2 and getting sqlite3 enabled so cs-cart will see it has been less than fruitful (it’s built into 5.3). I run the PDO style of sqlite3 on 2.0.15 but there are issues related to the “write through” of the cache. It takes a cache clear to get many updates to be reflected in the store.

Hello T,

Running PHP Version 5.2.14


Care to share a link to your source base that will phpize, configure, make and make installl sqlite3 so that the class ‘SQLiteDatabase’ is installed and loaded? I’ve tried several different versions and approaches and the cache_backend = sqlite continues to fail.

Or maybe I need something more than the sqlite.ini file to ensure the extension is bound to the class name.