Promotions Not Working ... Is There A Promotion Validator?

We have a lot of promotions in the system. We were notified the other day that one did not work. When I checked it indeed told me that it did not meet the requirements (simply 50% off anything). I could not identify why it would not work. I tried another promotion that was identically configured and it worked fine. The promotion was limited to one use, so I checked orders and could not find an order that used it. I then removed the usage condition and tried again but it still did not allow it.

So, I have a few questions.

  1. First and foremost, does anyone have any thought why two identical promotions, one would work and the other would not?

  2. Does anyone know of a promotion validation tool that could take a seudo-cart and try applying all promotions in the sytem and report back which worked and which did not and exactly why? We have way to many to test by hand and the cart response of “The entered code cannot be applied, because it does not meet the requirements” is not informative enough for me to know where they is failing.

  3. I would suggest the CS-Cart add to the promotion area of the admin a status stating whether a promotion has met the “number of usages” condition. This would be a moot point if they could integrate a tool that did what I am requesting in #2.