Promotions End Date Bulk Edit

Is it possible to bulk edit cart promotions end date via DB? or it is better to add extra field (end date) and bulk save button on promotions list?

Yes, you can do it changing the to_date field in the cscart_promotions table. To get timestamp value, for example, you can use the following service

Perfect, thank you.

Or you can use something similar to this value in your query

UNIX_TIMESTAMP(STR_TO_DATE('Aug 20 2018', '%M %d %Y'))

Just change 'Aug 20 2018' to whatever date you want and the function will convert to a timestamp. Note that the format string argument ('%M %d %Y') must match the format of the string. So you can also use things like 2018-08-20 and a format of '%Y-%m-%d'.