Promotions Disregarding Product Features

I have created a Product Feature called "Excluded from coupons" with one possible selection of "Yes". I have applied this product feature to certain products that I don't want to be discounted as in a Promotion I have created, but CS-Cart seems to disregard the Product Feature condition with the bonus "Discount on all products in categories" and gives every product a discount.

Here is how it is setup:


if ALL of these conditions are TRUE (main level)

|__ [new group] if ANY of these conditions are true

|_ coupon code EQUAL exclusive

|_ coupon code EQUAL Exclusive

|_ coupon code EQUAL EXCLUSIVE

|___ Product Feature "Excluded from Coupons" NOT EQUAL "Yes"


Discount on all products in categories:

[select every category in store]

Discount by 10%

Try to reproduce it on the demo. If the behaviour is confirmed, post issue to the bug tracker