Promotions based on quantity

Anybody know how to use the promotions system to create a promotion like:

Buy 100 of item A and get 20% off item B

I can’t figure out how to create a quantity based condition, the manual sucks big time, the KB sucks, and I am almost out of credits.

And I’m pissed and frustrated.

Hi Dave,

I hope my help reduces your frustration. :slight_smile:

It appears that you have to set up a Cart Promotion.

Set up a Condition by choosing Products in and select Item A. You can then put in the required quantity of Item A required to be purchased in order to receive discount on Item B (e.g. 100 in Quantity field).

Set up a Bonus by choosing Discount on Products and choose Item B with drop down discount being “by percentage of original price” with 20 in the text field to designate the 20% discount to be applied to Item B.

Hope this works!



Thanks for trying to help - I was not clear enough in my request and CS-Cart has since confirmed what I need the promotions system to do it cannot; purchase X or more of item A and get X% off item B. As with other components of this cart, seems odd that I would restrict a customer to buying only so many and not more. In my case, if I set it up as buy 100, and if the customer purchases 101, the promotion would not apply.

Oh well.