Promotions based on Category


I am trying to up a promotion where customers from a Australia get x% off an order over $x. Works fine until I specify Categories. [list]

[]If the cart only has products not included in the promotion, the discount is not applied which is what I expected.

]If the customer has some products included in the promotion and some that are not, the discount is applied to the entire order. I expected the discount to be applied only to the categories I specified in the promotion.


All the conditions are within one promotion group and the group settings are “if all conditions are true”.

Is this to be expected or have I missed something?


Exactly what are your Conditions and Bonuses for this promotion?


1 - Customer country = Australia

2 - Order Subtotal = equal or greater than 150

3 - Categories: set to “In” and only the categories included in the promotion are listed

All these conditions are within the same group


Order Discount: To percentage of original price = 95


In 3.0.6 I am also experiencing the same. Time for another bug report.

Update: Bug Report Here

This one's been around is 3.0.3. Hopefully it will be taken care of with v3.1.