Promotion With Total Order Amount


can i add a promotion condition for compare the total amount of order and not only the subtotal?

You want to include shipping in your total?

No, I have a promotion that discounts the order with reward points and another that gives free shipping, I would like the second is based on the total price (discounted) and not on the subtotal.

Without points it works fine, however, if I discount the subtotal points to obtain a lower value than what I have set for the free shipping, this to me is still assigned as the initial subtotal was greater.

I had to set the free shipping with the promo because venogno calculated based on the weight of the product.


My Promo

100 points Promo: 10% discoun

Free shipping: >= 80 €

My Order

Subtotal € 85

No discount points: 85 € + free shipping ([color=#00ff00]right[/color])

Discount points: 85€ - 8.5€(10%)= € 76.5 + free shipping ([color=#ff0000]wrong[/color])


Dear Ediraweb,

Unfortunately, the customers can use reward points if the reward points add-on is active.

Also CS-Cart offers only “order subtotal” in Promotions/Conditions.

So the custom modification is required.

Drop us a mail to if you'd like a quote.

Best regards, Alt-team.