Promotion Total Products Weight In The Cart Bug V424

Hi guys

just found a bug in v424 which is preventing an order to get completed. So its a serious one.

So if you try to set a new Cart promotion like

[color=#333333]Condition : [/color][color=#333333]Total products weight in the cart - equal or greater - 1 [/color]

[color=#333333]Bonus: Freeshipping for Custom shipping method[/color]

then you get no payment methods in Checkout

This was tested on a fresh installation. Weight symbol is kg (1000 gram for 1 kg).

If any one else has this please write your experience on it.

I opened this in bug tracker also.


I have checked this in 431 latest beta (1/4/2015) and it works fine.

confirmed, 4.2.4



I got the solution from CS-Cart Support. Its a bug in the fn.cart.php

You need to go and remove lines 5214 to 5220 from fn.cart.php

if (!empty($cart['applied_promotions'])) {
foreach ($cart['applied_promotions'] as $k => $promotion) {
if (!fn_promotion_check($promotion['promotion_id'], $promotion['conditions'], $cart, $auth, $cart['products'])) {
return false;

IMPORTANT: Thats a v424 only bug.

Always, always backup your file before you procceed with any changes.

This is a confirmed fix.