Promotion To Reduce Price On Product But Not Allow Increasing Quantity

I have a promotion setup that can reduce the price of a product when it is purchased together with others.

The way I currently have it set up is as a catalogue promotion as the product needs to be reduced in the basket, not when it gets to the checkout as this doesn't display how the client wants it.

However, the problem is that if the user increases the quantity of the reduced items in the basket they can add multiple items at the reduced price.

What I want to do is when they add more of the reduced item they are added at the normal price and the reduction is only available for 1.

Using the cart method of the reduction works, but the client isn't happy with that approach as the discount isn't visible pre-taxes.

I have found this package that appears to do the job, I just wondered if there was a built in way to do it?



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