promotion problem - can anyone else recreate?

I want to add a promotion of 10% for every customers 1st purchase on our cscart, but when we’re testing we get the following problemettes:

  1. If you arrive at the site as a guest, add 1 product to your cart before logging in you get the green alert about qualifying for the promotion

  2. If you then log and have already used the promotion, you get continued red warnings when checking out that the promotion has already been used…?

    Is this an issue with 2.0.6 or the way with which we have setup the promotion (follows)?

    Group: if ALL of these conditions are TRUE

    Once per customer: YES

    Order discount: to percentage of original price: 90

    The promotion works correctly if the user is logged in prior to adding items to their cart and the discount is correctly applied when checking out, but the guest handling is broke, same with returning customers…

    Am I missing something relating to memberships as ideally I want to differenciate between guests and registered users as the Disable anonymous checkout is checked


I would report this as a bug although the developers might consider a feature request.

You could use memberships but then you would have to make sure memberships are assigned and activated. What would be better is a condition for ‘is logged in’ so that you could limit the promotion to only.

Another possibility is to set “Allow shopping for unlogged customers” to 'Hide the “add to cart” button in General Settings.


Thanks bob, will need to request

as for the User logged in - not sure if its a feature in prev version but cannot find any condition relating to it so will request it

and for the removing add to cart button for guests, we’re not keen on that idea as visitors will expect to add stuff to their carts straight away…