Promotion - Mutliple products from category

Only just come up against this simple and seemingly obvious promo.

CS-Cart Version: 3.05

Customer buys 5 different products from a category and gets all 5 for set price.


  1. Category: Shirts
  2. Customer selects 2 of one colour and 3 x different colours = 5 products
  3. Usual individual price: Could all be different say £23, £24, and £25 each in any combo
  4. Promo = '5 Shirts for £100'

    So, any 5 products from specific category triggers discount regardless of any other basket content.

    Simples… but can't fathom condition or bonus that allows for this! I really hope that I'm being thick and there's an obvious answer!

Hello Wilko!

Please, try to set the following cart promotion.[list]

[]In the admin back-end go to Marketing → Promotions (CS-Cart 4.0.x)

]Add cart promotion

[]Name the promotion and go to the Conditions tab.

]Make sure that the group is “If All of these conditions are true”.

[]Click the Add condition button

]Choose “Products” and add the products that will participate in the promotion

[]Click the Add condition button again

]Choose Total products in the cart and make it equals 5

[]Go to the Bonuses tab

]Click the Add bonuses button

[]Choose Order discount to fixed amount 100



You can also set a banner on a category page saying “Buy 5 Shirts for [color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]£100” to make the promotion obvious. [/font][/color]Hope it will work for you.

Best regards, Alt-team

Hi Alt-Team!

Thanks for that - forgot to state my CS-C Ver is 3.05 but can't see it making a difference… I was having a mental blockage around 'total products in cart' - I guess this refers to total products from the qualifying group of products, not ALL the products in the cart?

I will give it another shot…

Many thanks

Ok, there seems to be something seriously wrong here… (not with your answer Alt-Team)

Added promotion - Condition: products from category X, total products 5, order discount: To Fixed Amount: £75 (ex vat) to give £90 inc vat.

Several immediate issues for which there may be easy answers:

  1. If 6 qualifying items added to cart; NO discount given when I would expect 5 for offer price, 1 at normal price
  2. For exactly 5 qualifying items only in cart: Discount appears to be EX VAT so on my example, discount shown as £14.90 (ex vat) BUT this is deducted from the INC VAT total!!! Total order discount should be 17.88 (inc vat)

    As it stands right now this is unusable

Your “fixed amount” price should be inclusive of VAT. Remember this function is separate from the product price, therefore the settings for “prices inclusive of VAT” for the cart do not apply to the promotions in the same way. Guess there's some logic in there somehow, just not quite sure what it is!

The 6+ product issue is because the promotion is set to be activated for having exactly 5 products in the cart.

The alternative is to use the “Products” condition…but this would need to be set up with “Stop other rules” and more importantly, set up for each and every combination of 5 products including each and every products quantity (assuming you provide the discount if they buy 3xProduct A, 1xProduct B, 1xProduct C). This will become very messy and convoluted.

Maybe you could use the Buy Together addon instead? Again, this is going to be a messy solution too, but maybe worth a try.

Hi StellarBytes,

Thanks for response and note the use of 'Inc VAT' in the promotions - hadn't hit that one yet as up to now, have used percentage discounts… appreciated!

On the other front 1) I really wanted to avoid 'Buy Together' or 2) anything involving building combinations! Messy & convoluted indeed!

I will play around until I get something near what I want and may well stick to % discount rather than fixed amount?


Ok, I've pulled my hair out long enough on this… the only way I'm going to get what I want quickly is to create a 'special offer product' at the offer price with 5 'size' options and 5 'colour' options ! Running through item 1 - 5.

This way forward is made even more practicable as for larger size options there is a price hike - god knows how long that was going to take to configure via 'Buy Together'!!!