Promotion doubled the discounted price

i made a promotion on my site 40% off

cs-cart took 40% of the already discount price not the list price !

"If you use catalog promotional discounts, your discounts may multiply as you edit products.

For example, say you have a product that starts at $24.95 - Retail price and price fields are both $24.95.

Say you create a catalog promotion that allows all books to be 10% off. This includes the $24.95 item.

When you load the product modification page on the back-end, you will see the discounted price in the price field on the page - $22.45.

Say you make a few changes and save the page. Now view the list of products in that category on the product tab. You will discover that the promotion has been applied AGAIN to the product you just worked on - it is now 10% of $22.45 or $20.21.

The customers now see ‘Regular price: $22.45, Price: $20.21 -10%’ but it is not accurate. They are actually getting DOUBLE the discount.


Check the checkbox on the promotions page that says “stop other promotions” (or whatever it’s called).


Stop other rules:

didnt help

What version of the cart? I thought this was reported in the Bug Tracker and fixed a while ago.


CS-CART: version 2.0.14

[quote name=‘rinx’]CS-CART: version 2.0.14[/QUOTE]

Well, at least I know I am not losing my mind - check out item #7:


[QUOTE]#7 Product Discount is multiplied when editing an order

This is semi-related to #6. When editing an order that has a product discount applied, because the Item Price has the discounted price (as described in #6) the product discount is subtracted from the already discounted price again, thus discounting the price twice. This is a major bug, as you are not able to edit an order than has a product discount.[/QUOTE]

Not sure why it was marked fixed if it was still an issue.


[quote name=‘rinx’]selecting

Stop other rules:

didnt help[/QUOTE]

Stop all other rules only stops other promotions not price / list price discount and that is a problem for me also.

I am facing this issue too. Hey cs-cart, pleaseeeeeeeeeee fix this bug.

Any Update on this


Bumping this does nothing but annoy users who subscribe the this issue.

CS-cart does not pay attention to the user forums. If you want their attention, submit a bug.