Promotion Coupon for products in certain categories is not working (v3.0.x)


Just found another issue with v3.

I have an active cart promotion for customers who use a promotion code (this is my condition) and as bonus they get 10% disount in all products that are in certain categories.

So ok I choose the categories (always looking to have products in them) set the bonus right and test it.

So I am at the checkout, I put my coupon the system informs me about the promotion in the yellow ajax popup, but no discount is made to the product and to the total offcourse.

I have tried the same scenario with certain products directly (no categories involved) and it works as it supposed to be working!

Any ideas on that please?


I have tried that in 2 different stores with the same result.


Just tried the same on my old 2.14 store ., same thing. I get the message popup, but no discount is applied?


Nice bug, really old?