Promotion Configuration Issue


We have a couple of promotions that give discount to particular user groups, there is no problem setting that in conditions.

However we also have a condition which ties the discount to a product feature which is our mark up for a product ie 10% 20% etc.

This is where we have an issue, SEE SCREEN SHOT........

[attachment=10829:Promtion Screen shot.jpg]

When we enter the appropriate value in the highlighted field (ie 10) and save, all appears ok and the promotions works correctly, but if you edit the promotion the box is empty and if you don't re enter the value is lost. The data base remembers it as long as you haven't edited it.

We also get this PHP Notice when ever we create an order for the user group.

Undefined index: product_id in.............
public_html/app/functions/fn.promotions.php on line 1665

If we delete the Mark up condition we no longer get the Notice.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


Promtion Screen shot.jpg

Submit to bugtracker.

Hi Tony

Have done that, only thing is we seem to recall this in previous versions, well lets see what happens.



seeing this too, I have actually taken out features from the quantity discounts we use as the features became invisible in the promotion. To clarify, quantity discount promotions required the combination of a special invisible promotion category PLUS the promotion shown in a feature, so that when a discount was taken out for a sale, we didn't need to also take out the categories..
Now we do both we have to pay extra attention and it already happened someone got BOTH the sale price PLUS an extra discount on top of it!

Was trying to set up a new promo that would have been easiest using a feature , but can't because everything is invisble. (we use 4.3.6) Everything was fine in 4.3.3 but we're in 4.3.6 now.