Promotion codes & Gift Certificates Warnings

I set up a new promotion code today and while testing it found these weird results in 3.0.2 pro.

When the code is entered into the appropriate field on the checkout page, this Warning appear:

Using Firefox browser:

“Gift certificate code is not valid”

and this alert appears:

“Important Applied promotions: Promo code xxxxxx”

(confusing but not a deal breaker)

Using IE9:

“Gift certificate code is not valid”

and that’s it. IE9 is not applying the promotion code to the order, it appears as though it was not valid. Now, if you click the RECALCULATE button, the code IS applied and the order discount is displayed and the total updated.

Since most of my customers use Internet Explorer, this is a pretty bad situation for me. This led me to review my orders since upgrading to ver3 and find that none of my customers are using the promo code that I created two years ago that is included with every order to help bring them back, and retain their business. Prior to ver3, that promo code was used on 90% of all order from returning customers.

Anyone else having similar problems with promotion codes in ver 3.0.2 professional edition?

Personally, I think it’s a mistake to combine the Promotion Codes input field and the Gift Certificate input field into one input field. If I could separate them I would.

Additionally, you cannot DELETE a promotion code from an order in the IE9 browser once you have applied it.

Did anyone get anywhere with this? We just need to remove the warning that the Gift certificate code was not valid. The warning is a turn off for people entering their Coupon code…


One solution is to disable gift certificates, you can do this under administration /add-ons. But its a bummer to not be able have gift certificates and coupons…

It's been fixed in the v3.0.3 update I installed today.

I can't disable Gift Certificates - I sell them and issue them for store credits for Returns.

The Gift Certificate is not valid warning still pops up, but the Coupon Code is Applied message immediately follows it and the coupon code is applied correctly in IE9 now.

If you don't want to upgrade to v3.0.3, I have the fix for this that support sent me.