Promotion Codes are mandatory?

So, I setup some promotional codes for the first time and all was fine and good until I went to the checkout.

The promo codes worked like they should, but after I clicked apply they show up under the form with an X next to them to remove the coupon code.

Still all fine and good.

Then I add my credit card info and choose my shipping method and click Continue.

It pops up and tells me that the Promo Code (discount coupon code) is mandatory.

That shouldn’t be right. What if a user doesn’t have a coupon code? They shouldn’t be forced to have one or not checkout.

How do I remove this mandatory notice from the discount coupon code field?


So, I figured out one thing.

It’s because I moved the promo code box in the template file to class=“float-right” div so it would sit pretty under the shipping methods, but I guess the JS goes through those two divs and validates everything… that’s slightly annoying…